The more conscious your life is, the better.

When you make choices, you get a sense of ability, your strength grows, your self-esteem increases.

I do this and that because it is what I want. Because it’s good for me. Because when I am aware of my actions, I can live a better life. By making conscious decisions, I set my boundaries and gain peopleโ€™s respect. This, in turn, translates into my openness to others, better relationships, and results at work.

Learn to observe yourself, do not act on autopilot. Live consciously. Don’t let your brain freeze in the laziness of your daily routine. Make choices every day, even by taking small steps, but act in the direction you have chosen.

You reach for another glass of wine, cigarette, joint or a cookie to lull your brain, relieve stress, or just enjoy yourself after a hard day. And, up to a point, nothing wrong with that. But keep your eyes open when it becomes a habit, when you no longer make a choice but act on autopilot. Stop, observe yourself, and make a conscious decision before going in a direction that was not your intention.

No more, I choose myself.

๐Ÿ‘‰ I consciously choose people around me, and I don’t let those trying to limit me, overwhelm or control, impact my life.  

๐Ÿ‘‰ I choose this job because I like it, and I can always change it once it stops serving my interests.

๐Ÿ‘‰ I will find a better way because I decided to do so. I CHOOSE what I want.

Even in the family, even in a relationship, you always have a choice.

How do you spend your time? How do you speak to your loved ones?

How much do you give them from yourself and what do you receive in return?

By the way … where have your dreams gone?

If you carefully follow the path of events that brought you to the situation you are in, you will discover how many choices you made or how many actions you gave up before you got where you are. All these: “I can’t, because of what others would say”, “I won’t do it because I can’t”, “I can’t do it because I’m too weak”, “I won’t change anything because I don’t want to”. Because I’m too young, too old, too stupid, too good, because I have a hard lifeโ€ฆ

If you are an expat, it means that you are stronger, more motivated, and more open-minded than most people. You left your roots behind and went on a big adventure! Your ambitions are high and your dreams are big.

Things don’t go your way? Then change them!

Great people don’t act on autopilot

They know that their lives must be based on values, on conscious choices and on the daily, tedious efforts to overcome their own weaknesses, laziness and comfort.

Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison battling Apartheid. He never denied his aspirations and goals. He studied and worked day after day, refusing to be released. He even learned the Afrikaner language so he could talk to the guards. Not a single day of those 27 years in prison was wasted; he wrote, read, and led the fight for the rights of black citizens. He never made any deal with his persecutors, and after he left, he became the President of South Africa. He never betrayed his values and dreams.

Make sure you are happy about your achievements.

Before they die, people regret that they have not done many things, because they lacked the courage, they did not make the right choices, they let life simply flow by, instead of taking action.

They realize that they have been looking at others who are not with them now. They have been comparing themselves to others who do not care at all. That now, facing death, they are alone and dissatisfied because their lives havenโ€™t made sense. Don’t be one of them: get started today.

Choose consciously. Choose yourself. You are not a tree.