Are you open for change?

Change is a good thing. It is a chance for new openings, for climbing “out of the box”, for your personal evolution. An open approach to change can help you to grow and to see your life as a fascinating adventure.

Do you remember the last time you changed something significant in your personal or working life? Or maybe something small, but still important for you? Was this change a part of your plan? Or did it come without your control?

Did you feel satisfied and enriched, or lost and unhappy?

Change is not always pleasant, wanted or expected, we all know that. Sometimes it brings complications, uncertainty or anger. Sometimes it causes conflict with others or with ourselves. All these events, emotions and feelings are part of human life; yours, mine, everyone’s.

At the same time change enriches our lives, through bringing new experiences and making us flexible and more open. The question is: how can we use change for our own good, for our growth, so that we can benefit from it by learning to turn even unwanted changes into a positive thing in our lives?…. If we accept change and take it as an opportunity to grow, it is a chance for us to feel stronger, more fulfilled and to offer the best of ourselves to the world.

Is change knocking at your door?

My own life path has taught me that nothing is certain or should be taken for granted.

I have experienced many changes: some distressing, some unexpected, but the vast majority leading to happiness and fulfilment. I have realised that true knowledge comes through learning from each change, and that each change has made me stronger.

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

John Lennon