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Empowering women

Boost confidence and define your dream job

in four weeks!



Monika Ray

Do you feel stuck with your professional life?

This course will help you to discover a combination of skills and talents that make you so unique.

You will gain motivation and courage to act. Step by step, you will start to believe in yourself. Start building on your strengths, leaving behind limiting beliefs and fears that keep you away from growing.

Define a dream job that reflects your needs and passions. Being a woman means that you have a strong emotional intelligence: use it to create a career that responds to your aspirations and makes you fulfilled.

Confident and more powerful at work?

Yes, please!


Who is this course for?

This course is for women who started to question their professional skills: women lacking confidence and motivation, who would like to feel stronger in the current workplace or to find a dream job, but they don’t know how.


Gain motivation and courage to act

Start to believe in yourself

Start building on your strengths

Leave behind limiting beliefs and fears that keep you away from growing

Change your future

Being a woman is great but not always easy.

Almost 80% of women regularly lack confidence at work and they do not receive appropriate support to overcome this feeling. Are you one of them?

With no support you may start feeling lost. It affects your courage and self-esteem. It takes your strength away. You start questioning your own choices.

You might not always need a therapy. Therapy is about the pas