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Małgorzata Sylla, PL/BE December 2022

Thanks to sessions with Monika I learnt to be more positive. I understood that all bad and negative situations which are happening to all of us are to give us good lessons to teach us something. Each session was amazing and very emotional and concentrated on me- this is what I needed to slow down for a moment and think of me. After each meeting I had a lot of energy and motivation and completely different vision of the things we were working on during sessions. It was really very great! Thank you, Monika!

Bertine Brouwer, NL October 2022

Monika brings a very pleasant, positive energy with her. She is great listener, non-judgmental and reflecting back in ways that always gave me new perspectives and insights. I felt in very safe hands with her. Every conversation was super valuable and gave me new learning. She is a great coach and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking make changes in his or her life!

Silvia Giacon, IT July 2022

Monika is such a great coach. With her gentle and direct approach, she helped me to increase my awareness and set new life goals. I strongly recommend her!

Ionela Ciolan, RO March 2022

Monika is the best ally to have in your personal development journey. If you need clarity on your goals, transform your dream objectives into realistic actions, build confidence and motivation, and start acting for your own benefit.

Małgorzata Wyszomierska, PL February 2023

I have had the great pleasure of working with Monika for a long time. As a coach myself, I value her commitment, knowledge and individual approach to each topic even more. Each time I have a feeling of being taken care of, and I know that I can entrust 200% to Monika with every subject. Monika’s inquisitiveness and skilful conduct of the session led me to wonderful discoveries and reflections. What can I say, full professionalism!!!

Krishna Murthy, India January 2023

Monika  is a passionate advocate of life coaching. Monika’s drive, energy and enthusiasm make her coaching imaginative, intuitive and easy to converse. Her obvious expertise is gained from her depth of knowledge in life coaching. Monika’s coaching was the best I have ever been.
Excellent coach! Great talent!
I highly recommend her.

Alina Suprun, UA August 2023

Monika is a fairy godmother from the real fairytales. She doesn’t just wave her wand to will your problems away, she gently helps you along the way as you face your fears and learn to rely on your strengths. Monika creates a safe space for your self-expression, doubts and existential questions. You can talk to her about life. You can talk to her about death. You can be yourself in her presence and be accepted. 

Ana Kathleen Gauthier, US September 2023

Working with Monika is a great experience. Her intuitive understanding of people, combined with her commitment to accountability, sets her apart. She doesn’t simply provide you with answers, she equips you with frameworks to uncover your own solutions. I can’t recommend Monika enough for anyone seeking a career coach who guides with insight, supports with dedication, and challenges assumptions along the way. Thank you, Monika, for your invaluable guidance!

Rivka Spicer, UK November 2023

Just one session with Monika has profoundly changed my life. She speaks with caring, kindness and compassion, but also honesty where honesty is needed, as in my case. I needed someone with an outside perspective to realign my own perspective. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong in the here and now, she encouraged me to imagine a future that I want and then figure out the steps about how to get there. There are certain aspects of my life that she reframed in a way that helped me to see them more clearly. These small steps have blossomed into big changes. I’m more confident and socially active now, and I have clear plans about where I want to go with my life. The visualisation exercise is something that I really hold onto on days when I’m feeling a bit lost or low, and it never fails to give me a boost. I never imagined that signing up to her expat survey would have such a huge impact, but I’m so very glad I did it!