My Self-Awareness


As you progress through this solid program of change, you will feel empowered, you will develop your strengths, and gain self-confidence. You will stop comparing yourself to others and start building your inner strength and confidence by achieving your goals.
The program includes an analysis of the personality test and exercises and a gift debriefing session to summarize your achievements.

  • 10 sessions + 1 summary session as a gift

  • 6 months of motivating cooperation

A self-discovery and change program during which you will:

  • Create a vision and precisely define 3 goals

  • Discover your resources and talents

  • Bring your dreams and values ​​back to life
  • Learn to build on your strengths
  • Identify your limiting beliefs
  • Learn to observe yourself
  • Learn to express your emotions and needs
  • Break the barriers that are holding you back from success
  • Achieve personal and professional goals


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