How to stop sabotaging yourself and turn hesitation into action

Do you know that 90% of conversations you have is with yourself? It is because you have a constant dialogue in your head, from morning to evening, and sometimes even at night. Once you start observing what you say to yourself, you can break down what is holding you back and achieve much better results in your life.

When you hesitate, you ruin your potential 

See how it works. You think: “I should call, make an appointment, do this, do that.” Then you automatically say to yourself: “Nooo, I won’t. I don’t feel like it.” And you drop the idea, staying in your comfort zone. It is easy, safe, and… unsatisfactory.

Meanwhile, it is good to dig a little deeper and look at what is going on in your head.

  • What is stopping you from taking action?
  • How often do you worry about what other people think of you?
  • How often do you convince yourself that what you desire is unachievable?

This way, you sabotage yourself and deliberately hinder your own success.

You are not the only one

We often do not believe in ourselves and in our chance of success (85% of people worldwide experience low self-esteem). That is why our minds throw us the first convenient answer type: “I will not ask for a raise because my boss will not agree anyway”. We consider negative scenarios instead of focusing on what we want. We make assumptions instead of building a constructive action plan. Thus, we pass the responsibility onto others (it is easier to blame others if something goes wrong) instead of acting alone, taking the effort and the risk.

Being conscious is the first step to taking control

Conscious living is about observing yourself. It is about watching your thoughts and emotions and shaping them the way they serve you (yes, you can shape your thoughts and manage emotions). Once you are conscious and aware of yourself, it is easier to take action toward what you want to achieve. Regardless, it is about building a career, company, personal life, or relationship. When you take control over your mental and emotional states, you can create the life you desire.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles R. Swindoll

How to approach life in a constructive way

So, the next time you get caught up in a negative thought coming from hesitation, look at what you feel and see what the alternative is.

  • What if I go for it?
  • How would it feel if I succeeded?
  • If my action can open new doors or create new opportunities, is it worth making an effort?

If you really want something, you will achieve it. If you stumble or fail, it will be painful and your ego might suffer for a while. At least you will gain experience for the future. But if you succeed, you will have a sense of being in control of your life, and that is priceless.

Stop sabotaging yourself

Start building your positive mindset. Be aware when you sabotage your progress with negative thinking patterns and behaviour. Learn to break through your hesitations and replace them with purpose and commitment. Activate real responsibility for your life, and you will see how much you can change. Satisfaction and success lie in effort, not in doubt and hesitation.

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