Have you ever thought what your life mission is?

“Life mission” sounds lofty, I admit. Not many people think about their life mission in a constructive way. Why is that? Because, most probably, they do not believe they have one. Many of us keep asking instead: what is the sense of my existence, of my being on earth? And it is not a pleasant consideration. Because life without a mission looks empty and pointless.

What is my WHY?

When you discover your “raison d’être”, your purpose in life, suddenly it all becomes clear, and you naturally know what to do. You can and you are willing to put a great deal of effort into your actions because it makes sense, it makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

But before you get to this point, you need to go through a profound process of reflection, of mapping your needs and values, of going back to your dreams and joys. Finding your WHY is not easy, (unless you are “born” with the calling to be a doctor or an artist for instance!) Opening the curtains to reveal what’s holding you back from choosing your own path is even more difficult. But a big transformation of your life does not come without effort. You need to know what you want, to be ready to leave your comfort zone, to stop procrastinating and, finally, to change your limiting beliefs. And each of us has tons of them, believe me.

The ideal job is related to your life mission.

As we spend one-third of our life at work, it is of key importance to do a job which is suitably adapted to our system of values and needs. Such work is a source of satisfaction and fulfilment. If you work in your ideal job, you create, you plan, and you build your own path. You make your own choices, thus becoming both the cause of and accountable for your actions. There is no danger of burnout because your ideal work is aligned with your life’s purpose, with your unique WHY.

This is what my new course is about.

It starts on 21 February and will run for four weeks. As a test round, it will be free and co-created by its participants. You can still join it to discover what is your dream job, and how to overcome the limiting beliefs which are holding you back from achieving it.

You do not have to go with the crowd.

You can always choose your own path. What you need is courage and openness to transformation. Stop “sacrificing” yourself, nobody needs it. Take ownership of your professional life.

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