Five things that build courage in your life.

When Volodymyr Zelensky, an actor and comedian, became the President of Ukraine three years ago, not many believed in him. Today, he has grown up to be the leader of his brave countrymen and a hero for millions of people watching his actions from abroad.

Two days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when the Americans offered him to evacuate from Kyiv, he turned down the offer, saying “I need ammunition, not a ride”. He does not abandon his nation for a moment, visiting soldiers in hospitals, showing compassion for suffering mothers and children, thanking his people, and encouraging them to fight. He bravely stands for values of freedom, respect, and independence, reminding the world what is the essence of humanity.
History already knows another actor who became a state man, Ronald Reagan. What made those two men symbols of high spirit and inspiration for the masses?

The answer is COURAGE.

When we live in peaceful and wealthy conditions, we tend to become satiated. Comfort makes us lazy. We start to fear that with one false move we may lose everything we have achieved or we have been granted.

Meanwhile, having courage in life is something very important. Courage allows us to stand up for our values, expose ourselves to unpopularity, refuse to accept evil. Courage requires openness to changes and a willingness to bear possible losses, be it personal image-related or material comfort. Since our brain is hardwired to survive, we try to avoid loss and pain at all costs.

In such a comfortable life, we often lose sight of what is most important, of ourselves. Our dreams, values, and aspirations. Day after day, we fall into a life that we did not want to have, that was not supposed to be like this. We make excuses, referring to the expectations of others, a necessity of doing the next step in a career we have worked hard for, or the comfort of our family. We stop taking responsibility for our own lives.

 So how to make sure you do not lose yourself in prosperity and comfort?

 There are five things that build our courage:

  •  Clarity and focus on what do we want in life, what is our WHY, our purpose,
  • Authenticity and integrity through being honest with yourself, no matter what happens,
  • Openness to change and risk, going out of a comfort zone,
  • Ability to challenge and conquer our bigger and smaller fears, which are a natural part of our daily lives.
  • Humility and compassion for others.

“I do not want my pictures in your offices, for the President is not an icon, an idol or a portrait. Hang your kids’ photos instead — and look at them each time you are making a decision.” V.Zelensky in his inaugural address as a President of Ukraine.

 Another war in Europe, after decades of peace, shows that we must not go to sleep. And we must not look at others, blaming the world for our failures. We must build our characters in times of peace, to show our courage in times of war.

Grow your own courage. Create reality, instead of waiting for what life brings. If life brings you adversities, focus on goals, not on difficulties. Stay calm and committed. And if needed, respond strongly to defend your values, and your independence as a human being.

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