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10 steps to career change

Do you want to make a shift in your career but don't know how to start?

Do you want to make a shift in your career but don’t know how to start?

Be prepared for a marathon, not a sprint. Results don’t come overnight. Career shift requires a profound transformation of your thinking, values, and approach to life. You must be ready to challenge yourself, often questioning your beliefs, and rebuild the system of your daily habits.

Is a career change risky?

If you want to grow, forget comfortable life and a sense of security. At least for some time.

Sounds risky? It is! But a career change is also fascinating and extremely rewarding! I know it well because I made one myself. See my story under this LINK


The 10 steps to change your career:

  1. Map your unique values, talents and skills (your resources). Reflect on who you are and what is important to you in life,
  2. Build a vision for the future. Understand who you want to become,
  3. See what is blocking your growth and identify areas for change,
  4. Create a precise personal development plan with its objectives and KPIs. Define the roadmap with milestones and assign timeframes,
  5. Assess the costs of a career shift. Identify potential obstacles and risks,
  6. Define your support system: people you can count on who will support you no matter what,
  7. Implement your plan step by step, using your best resources, eliminating blockages and growing your potential,
  8. Make yourself accountable for your results. See and celebrate every success!
  9. Never blame others when you fail. It is a victim approach, and you are not the victim. You are a CREATOR.
  10. Once you decide to start, make sure nothing can stop you. Be brave, be motivated, and remind yourself why you do it. In the moments of weakness, look at your so far achievements and appreciate them. Create affirmations to energise yourself (e.g. “I trust myself” or “I will succeed today”),

Career change is not for everyone

If it were simple, people wouldn’t get stuck for years in jobs and professions that don’t make them happy. Career transformation requires creativity, flexibility, everyday effort and constant learning. It requires courage and persistence to face challenges. It involves blood, sweat and tears, but the reward is worth it.

Because doing what you love gives your life meaning, a sense of purpose and empowerment. And that is priceless.

Want to share your views with me?

If you want to share your experience with me or discuss your potential career change, let me know via this LINK.


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