10 Steps to a Successful Job Change

How to change a job in a highly competitive market? According to my last pool, high competition seems to be the most challenging thing for 56% of expats when they consider a job change.

According to my last pool, high competition seems to be the most challenging thing for 56% of expats when they consider a job change. People building their careers abroad, especially in Brussels, need to overcome many obstacles in a demanding world of European institutions, big companies and international organisations. Anyone who has applied for a job here knows what I am talking about.

When you finally get that coveted job, you need to organise your life, find new friends and start adapting to a foreign country.

Not happy with your current job?

Then, after a few years, some realise that their job is not what they dreamed of. They get frustrated with too repetitive tasks, can’t see the results of their work, or suffer from a toxic environment. Other times, they are happy with their current job but feel they have outgrown it. They achieved what they wanted and are now looking for new challenges.

But changing the job is not easy.

How to face the competition?

We all know it by heart: write a perfect CV, create a great-looking LinkedIn profile, do networking and lobbying, undertake voluntary jobs, and never ever stop your constant professional development, acquiring new skills, new certificates etc. etc.

Once you have it all…

…you get stuck. Your internal critics come to voice and you start questioning your abilities.

Am I good enough? Am I skilled enough? Is my experience sufficient?

What if I fail??

Let me tell you: you are good enough

You have everything you need to apply right away. Don’t hesitate. What do you risk? In case you do not succeed, at least you’ll learn and perform even better next time.

Meanwhile, think about developing your soft skills 

Contrary to appearances, it is soft skills that we miss most often, even on high management levels. We have potential, but we don’t use it. We underestimate ourselves by constantly comparing ourselves to others. We focus on the negatives instead of thinking constructively. We forget our needs…

Stop it, you can do better.

10 steps to a successful job change

So, what else can you do to be more competitive?

Here are ten important things you can improve:

  1. Take stock of your strengths,
  2. Realise what YOU actually want (not the others),
  3. Learn how to present your unique value,
  4. Learn to be open-minded and positive,
  5. Acquire leadership skills ( e.g. auto control, decision-making, conflict resolution etc.)
  6. Break down mental barriers,
  7. Focus on the positives,
  8. Replace procrastination with action,
  9. Accept that change is what makes you grow,
  10. And finally: learn to see your worth independently of others – this will make you unbeatable.

“There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” Desmond Tutu

Time flies, don’t waste it

Sounds too complicated? Trust me, it’s not. It all can be done step by step within a few months. If you need support, invest in yourself and get a coach. Someone who will believe in you, who will bring a new perspective and motivate you to change. It will pay off, you’ll see.

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